July 29, 2013

Portland Business Journal: Advice from 13 Portland Money Managers

Andrew Fisher, Worldview’s President and Chief Investment Officer, was interviewed by the Portland Business Journal. See excerpt below:


Advice from 13 Portland money managers


What’s the best advice you are giving clients right now?

One is never well served by making important decisions in times of stress. Of course it is wise to always maintain appropriate asset allocation at all times. Provided that you have that, it is best to stay calm and consider deliberately any investment changes.


What is the worst thing someone can do with their money right now?

U.S. markets have been big winners over international markets for 4 of the past 5 years, really ever since the great recession of 2008. A big mistake right now would be to give up on international investing and decide to keep all of your money at home. The long term growth story in global markets is here to stay.


Do you have a favorite place to entertain clients?

We hold a client appreciation event every year in Amsterdam. Clients come from all over the globe.