October 29, 2015

Worldview Releases White Paper on Cross Border Wealth Management

  • Key finding: Globalization driving international wealth management market opportunity 
  • $6 trillion underserved market segment identified
  • New opportunities identified for financial advisors to partner with international financial planning and investment management experts to provide specialized solutions


San Francisco, CA, October 29th, 2015 – Worldview Wealth Advisors, an international financial planning and investment management firm, launched a new research report today that identifies a $6 trillion underserved marketplace of “Cross Border Families”.


The Cross Border Family market segment consists of three sub-groups that include international professionals living in the United States, American Expatriates, and international families with assets in the U.S. Collectively, this group represents $6 trillion in assets, according to the report, titled The Growing Opportunity in Cross Border Wealth Management for Independent Financial Advisors.”


These individuals and families have specialized needs and are subject to numerous and complex tax, legal, currency and planning issues. The severe lack of financial planning solutions available to this group and a scarcity of professional advisors with the knowledge, skills and experience to serve them, has created a largely under-served need in the marketplace.


“Cross Border families are a large and growing segment of the population in need of comprehensive wealth management services,” said Andrew Fisher, CEO of Worldview Global. “Their unique circumstances require a knowledge of complex global tax and financial planning issues that arise due to these international connections.”


Contributing to the growth of the Cross Border segment is the increase in globalization, as international corporations expand, along with global entrepreneurs being attracted to the technology sector in the United States.


To meet this growing need, Worldview Global has built out a comprehensive wealth management infrastructure, technology and advisor platform that other independent financial advisors may access to provide customized solutions to their Cross Border clients and prospects.


According to the report, “Most Cross Border professionals with a connection to the US feel extremely frustrated with the unique complexities brought on by a worldwide tax system they are subject to…Most investment firms and large banks, both US and foreign choose to avoid this market completely because they are ill equipped to manage these unique situations and not staffed appropriately…because of these structural issues, this underserved segment presents a compelling opportunity for independent advisors who can partner with a specialized firm with these capabilities.”


Some of the key financial planning and investment management issues the report identifies as being particularly challenging for Cross Border Families to navigate effectively and efficiently are:


  • Coordination of 401(k) and other international qualified accounts
  • Personal risk tolerance
  • Overall balance sheet review and asset allocation
  • Stock option and equity compensation analysis
  • Tax strategies and optimization of investment portfolios to maximize tax efficiency
  • Retirement readiness and financial projections
  • Review of real estate and other alternative assets
  • Advanced retirement planning related to: estate planning, asset protection and insurance, charitable giving, and more.


Because of the complexities involved, Cross Border investors also require specialized client service and administrative support. Examples include assisting in the movement of funds, as well as managing the process of opening new accounts, transferring assets and executing foreign currency transactions. Other general service items can be complicated by foreign addresses and the lack of U.S. citizenship, thus a dedicated and specialized technology and service platform is necessary.


Fisher concludes: “We’ve invested aggressively in our capabilities and infrastructure to service the Cross Border marketplace and look forward to working with advisors in helping them provide a customized solution.”


To download the report, please click here.