The Growing Opportunity in Cross Border Wealth Management for Independent Financial Advisors

This article is the first in a series of industry content from Worldview Wealth Advisors designed to help financial professionals better understand the opportunities available in the cross-border financial planning marketplace.


Globalization is increasing and the world is becoming ever more connected, driven by companies expanding globally, technology companies importing specialized talent and a growing open border policy by nations around the world.
This globalization is also driving the growth of a large and underserved market niche for wealth management, known collectively as Cross Border Families, which is comprised of the following three sub-groups:


  • International professionals living in the U.S.
  • American expats
  • International families with assets in the U.S.


These individuals and families have specialized needs and are subject to numerous and complex tax, legal, currency and planning issues. Furthermore, there are very limited financial planning and investing solutions available to this group, or professional advisors available with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to offer appropriate solutions.


The opportunity to serve these individuals and families is attracting attention due to the sheer size of the marketplace, however most advisors do not have the tax, legal or cross-border experience to provide a fiduciary experience.


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