June 15, 2017

Wall Street Journal Article by Andrew Fisher: Foreign-Born Workers

Wall Street Journal

Underserved Client Class: Foreign-Born Workers

Many advisers shy away from expats because of their financial complexities, but they can be a rewarding challenge


U.S. multinational companies—especially in technology and finance—are bringing in talent from around the world and changing the face of workplaces and communities. In Silicon Valley, where my firm is located, two-thirds of workers in computer and mathematical fields are foreign-born.


For financial advisers, this trend brings the opportunity to gain clients. But it also brings challenges that advisers must be prepared to handle.

Foreign-born workers can have a complicated financial picture because they may have held positions in more than one location. It’s not uncommon for these workers to own multiple residences and maintain several old retirement and bank accounts. It’s important, then, for advisers to educate themselves on the complexities of taxes and real estate and possibly consult or refer to the client to an accountant who is well-versed in these areas.


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