The Jet-Setting Retiree Life

Many people dream about a retirement where they spend part of their time in their home country and part elsewhere. Maybe you see yourself on a beach in Costa Rica or buying your olive oil from your local producer in Tuscany.  Sounds fantastic! A more exotic lifestyle comes at a […]

Worldview Recognized as One of Largest Money Managers in Oregon
Crazy for Real Estate

There is no asset that international families are fonder of than real estate. Successful families everywhere generally consider real estate ownership to be a smart and stable asset in which to hold one’s wealth, and foreign citizens in particular seem to have a cultural predisposition to owning property. In most […]

Amsterdam Bowling Night – Client Appreciation Event

Back by popular demand, CLVN and Worldview Wealth Advisors will again host our world famous bowling night and dinner event. Every year for over a decade, our firms have come together to host a Client Appreciation Night in Amsterdam for our many long-time clients, who helped us launch our firm […]

IRS Claims on Non-Residents

What happens when former residents who are not citizens or Green Card holders leave the U.S.? Many of them will leave financial or real estate assets within the U.S. for a variety of reasons. Additionally, there are a number of foreign citizens who seek to own U.S-based assets, even though […]

9th Annual San Francisco Planning Day

On a beautiful October morning, Certified Financial Planners and a team of volunteers from all across the San Francisco Bay Area gathered together at the San Francisco Public Library. Sharing the same passion to deliver exceptional financial education to anyone and everyone, a day like today is just one way […]

Retirees May Be Forced To Own More Stocks Than In The Past

Recently I’ve been reflecting on an article from the WSJ in April 2017 entitled, “As Interest Rates Rise, It May Be Time to Tweak the Portfolio”. In it, the author discusses that unlike earlier times, retirees can no longer count on earning reasonable rates of return from placing their retirement […]

Time for a rethink on U.S. dollar exposure?

This article from Capital Group is a bit dated but still a great, relevant thought piece on the effect of currencies on your international investments. Worth reading!   Time for Investors to Rethink Dollar’s Impact on International Equities Key Takeaways The translation effect of currencies can have a significant impact […]

Welcome to the USA and all Her Tax Complexities

Foreign citizens moving into the U.S. are an increasing population due to the ongoing globalization of business. They tend to be accomplished professionals who save at a much higher rate than their American peers. However, they also have far more complicated financial affairs than a typical American, and both their […]

Welcome to our world, Meghan.

Meghan Markle’s marrying a prince may be an unusual situation, but her tax issues are very common for a large number of our clients!   See it here: WSJ article   Look Out, Meghan Markle! The IRS Is Watching   Some timely advice before a royal wedding that will raise daunting […]

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