IRS Claims on Non-Residents

What happens when former residents who are not citizens or Green Card holders leave the U.S.? Many of them will leave financial or real estate assets within the U.S. for a variety of reasons. Additionally, there are a number of foreign citizens who seek to own U.S-based assets, even though […]

Retirees May Be Forced To Own More Stocks Than In The Past

Recently I’ve been reflecting on an article from the WSJ in April 2017 entitled, “As Interest Rates Rise, It May Be Time to Tweak the Portfolio”. In it, the author discusses that unlike earlier times, retirees can no longer count on earning reasonable rates of return from placing their retirement […]

Announcing My New Book – The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide

I am excited to announce the impending release of my new book – The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide: Advice on Taxes, Investing, Real Estate, and Retirement for Global Families in the U.S. and Abroad, with Foreward by Tim Kochis.   Whether you’re an American living abroad, or foreign-born and living in […]

Europe Faces Pension Pinch

  This article in the WSJ highlights a serious issue in Europe and the U.S. Too few workers contribute to the state pension systems, and nations set little cash aside for benefits they promise. Some are calling this the “pension time bomb”…because the demographic trends are such that fewer and […]

Low Interest Rates are Rewriting Investing Rules

Low bond yields are frustrating income-oriented investors; diversification is the only answer.   As I sit down to write to you today, I can’t help but reflect on an article I read in the Wall Street Journal while riding on the train a few days ago. For the first time […]

Bonds, Interest Rates, and the Impact of Inflation

There are two fundamental ways that you can profit from owning bonds: from the interest that bonds pay, or from any increase in the bond’s price. Many people who invest in bonds because they want a steady stream of income are surprised to learn that bond prices can fluctuate, just as they do with any […]

Balancing a Retirement Portfolio with Asset Allocation

The combination of investments you choose is as important as the individual investments themselves. In fact, many experts argue that it’s even more important, since the mix of various types of investments accounts for most of the ups and downs of a portfolio’s return. Each type of investment, or asset class, has strengths and weaknesses that […]

Broad Market Gains Power Historic Rally

The market’s returns this year have indeed been fascinating. It has been over 20 years since all assets have gone up at the same time, as has happened so far this year. What does this say about whether all assets are over-valued, as some have recently suggested. My sense is […]

Managing Currency Risks for an International Retirement
WSJ Article: Emerging-Market Bond Bargains
Move your 401k

This was a great article about the recent sell-off in emerging-market bonds, and the opportunity now for investors willing to take the risk. In today’s low-yield environment, emerging-market bonds can add returns while providing badly needed diversification away from the U.S. bond market.   Upside: Emerging-Market Bond Bargains Emerging-market bonds are […]

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