WSJ Article: Emerging-Market Rout Offers Bargains

This article spells out very clearly the incredible opportunity today for investors in emerging markets. In our opinion, all investors should be thinking globally, and maintain meaningful exposure to both equities and bonds of faster growing emerging economies.

How is the Sale of a Foreign Personal Residence Taxed in the US?
Selling Foreign Property

US citizens (and green card holders) are required to use the US Dollar as their “functional currency” for all “personal” transactions, including the purchase and sale of a foreign residence. There are actually two separate taxable transactions that occur when you sell a foreign residence – “Capital Gain” and “Exchange Rate Gain”

Moving Money: A Guide to International Wire Transfers
International Wire Transfers

The best and most common way to move currency from country to country is through a wire transfer. Wire transfers are electronic bank to bank transactions. They can be initiated directly from your bank or other financial institution, such as your investment brokerage house.