Retirees May Be Forced To Own More Stocks Than In The Past

Recently I’ve been reflecting on an article from the WSJ in April 2017 entitled, “As Interest Rates Rise, It May Be Time to Tweak the Portfolio”. In it, the author discusses that unlike earlier times, retirees can no longer count on earning reasonable rates of return from placing their retirement […]

3 Biggest Investment Mistakes by American Expats

More and more Americans are living abroad or thinking about it, as there is a world of opportunity and adventure outside the U.S. Many get too wrapped up in the excitement to educate themselves on the practicalities of life overseas, such as how to manage their investments. Don’t make these […]

Article in Kiplinger: International Stocks Present a Compelling Opportunity

Just published an article today in Kiplinger. The valuation disparity between US equities into global shares is hard to ignore, and YTD fund flows and relative performance seem to demonstrate that the rotation is underway. International Stocks Present a Compelling Opportunity Many signs are pointing overseas for U.S. investors right […]

Announcing My New Book – The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide

I am excited to announce the impending release of my new book – The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide: Advice on Taxes, Investing, Real Estate, and Retirement for Global Families in the U.S. and Abroad, with Foreward by Tim Kochis.   Whether you’re an American living abroad, or foreign-born and living in […]

Is It Time to Make Up With Emerging Markets?

This article makes some great arguments why investors should not give up on emerging markets. Many of these economies have been in flux, but now the risk and reward ratio may be tilting toward investors’ favor.     Updated March 7, 2016  The best time to take a vacation can be […]

Key Lessons in Cross Border Wealth Management – Multi-national Citizen

As part of our article series on issues in Cross Border Wealth Management, the following is an illustration of some of the key implementation strategies we come across in helping cross border professionals manage their complex financial affairs.   An interesting case study that can help advisors become more familiar […]

Low Interest Rates are Rewriting Investing Rules

Low bond yields are frustrating income-oriented investors; diversification is the only answer.   As I sit down to write to you today, I can’t help but reflect on an article I read in the Wall Street Journal while riding on the train a few days ago. For the first time […]

Concentrated Stock Positions: Considerations and Strategies

Whether you inherited a large holding, exercised options to buy your company’s stock, sold a private business, hold restricted stock, or have benefitted from repeated stock splits over the years, having a large position in a single stock carries unique challenges. Even if the stock has done well, you may want more diversification, or have new […]

Managing Currency Risks for an International Retirement
Looking Abroad for an ‘All Weather’ Portfolio

The WSJ published an article in February that I’d like to share with you. It really does a great job of summarizing a core tenant of our investment programs – worldwide diversification. The point of the article is to highlight new research into how to best build a “safe” portfolio […]

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