Uncle Sam Wants Your Foreign Address, and Your Money

US Tax filing for citizens and greencard holders living internationally is onerous and complex   There has been a lot of attention lately on the complex tax situation of Americansand US Green Card holders (legal residents) living overseas. Let’s say you have moved abroad, either for work or personal reasons, […]

Expats Left Frustrated as Banks Cut Services Abroad

This article brings to light the challenges expats are facing as a result of more stringent regulatory laws. Financial institutions are weighing the profitability of a client relationship against compliance risk and deciding that the increased reporting scrutiny and regulatory costs are not worth the relationship. As a result many institutions […]

Fidelity Bans U.S. Investors Overseas From Buying Mutual Funds

It appears that the next phase of FATCA will make it even harder for U.S. citizens and taxpayers to manage their investments while living abroad. In the 9 years that we have been doing this, we’ve seen it get progressively harder for people. Fortunately we saw this coming, and thanks […]

Offshore Accounts: What to Do Now
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Now it seems the main provisions of FATCA will be kicking in. Life will only be getting more complex and expensive for U.S. taxpayers with international backgrounds or connections. We are committed to helping you navigate this complexity, and protect and you’re your wealth. *** The federal government’s campaign to track down money held by […]

Where International Citizens Hold Their Investments
U.S. Will Ease Enforcement of FATCA Tax-Evasion Law for 2014, 2015

This is an important development, as the U.S. attempts to “play nice” with foreign governments and financial institutions…giving them some time to catch up and come to agreement with the U.S. on enforcing FATCA. ** The Treasury Department will temporarily relax enforcement of a new law aimed at discouraging offshore […]

FAQs About Property Owned Abroad
What the IRS Watches for When Your Payments Go Across the Border

In this fast-paced era dominated by ever-evolving technology, even a small business can find itself engaged in transactions with vendors or contractors based in a foreign country. These payments may include compensation for services, consideration for goods, etc. If you have a business partner based in a foreign country, the […]

Rules for Taxing Gain on Former Second Home or Rental Home – 2008 HERA

The 2008 Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA), H.R. 3221, included a provision that modifies the application of the $250,000/ $500,000 exclusion, but ONLY in situations in which an individual who owns a second home or rental home converts it to use it as his/her principal residence. When the former […]

2014 Tax Planning Basics in the U.S.

For most international professionals, the tax system here in the U.S. can seen horribly complex. This is especially true when one attempts to navigate the IRS rules along with another international tax authority. Knowing more about the recent changes in the U.S. tax law can only help you make better […]