Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Worldview different?

We are specialists, providing on-going, comprehensive financial planning to cross-border families. With our boutique, individualized approach, we take time to understand you as a person, first. Your needs are infinitely more complex, because families with global lifestyles need more than just retirement solutions.

Who are Worldview’s clients?

Our clients are culturally diverse and have a broad range of ages, professional backgrounds and investment goals. The majority of our clients are individuals and families, but we also work with company retirement plans and foundations. Our clients are both U.S. citizens, living at home or abroad, and cross-border and immigrant families with a connection to the United States. Learn more about the types of families we work with here.

Am I qualified to be a Worldview client?

Our clients typically have investment portfolios of $1 million or more, although under some circumstances we will work with people who are not quite there yet. We welcome financial planning clients regardless of their portfolio size. Learn more about working with us here.

How often will you communicate with me?

Clear and candid communication is central to our firm. With a new engagement or when a client is going through a significant transition, we’ll meet frequently to proactively shape their financial plan. On an on-going basis, clients will hear from us several times during the year. We maintain an open-door policy and are available at clients’ convenience by phone, e-mail, web conference, and in person. Many of our meetings are virtual, with our clients located all over the world!

How and when is Worldview compensated?

We are only compensated directly by our clients. Clients pay for our services through one of two ways, either a quarterly planning retainer or an asset-based fee as a percentage of the portfolio we manage on your behalf.


The asset-based investment advisory fee is based on a percentage of your total assets under management. The fee is calculated quarterly and is deducted directly from your account(s) at the beginning of each calendar quarter. Please contact us for additional details regarding our management fee schedules. Learn more about how we work here.

Do you sell any products, receive commissions or get referral fees?

No. We work exclusively for fees that you pay us directly. It’s the only way we receive any compensation. There are never any third-party agendas at work. We take no referral fees, no commissions, and have no participation in any investments or other products. This approach allows us to focus solely on you and provide unbiased advice.

Where will my assets be held?

We maintain relationships with leading custodians who can offer low cost and international platforms, including Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab. Client assets are never transferred into our possession. We will help to consolidate your assets at one custodian, including taxable accounts, trusts, IRAs, custodial, college savings, and any other accounts. From there, we will take action on your behalf inside of your investment accounts. Clients maintain full access to their investments through their independent custodian’s website.

What is the difference between a Registered Investment Advisor like Worldview and a stockbroker?

In the United States, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) like Worldview are governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and are held to a higher standard known as a client fiduciary. As a fiduciary, we are required by law to place the interests of our clients first. We charge an advisory fee, but do not accept any hidden commissions or revenue sharing payments from third parties.


Traditional stockbrokers are governed in the United States by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and are not required to act in their clients’ best interests or to disclose all sources of compensation. They generally are paid through sales commissions, cash incentives linked to the sale of certain products, and ongoing revenue sharing payments from the investments they sell to their clients.The major banks and brokerages are increasingly promoting fee-based pricing models in combination with other methods, which should not be confused with the “fee-only” model of a fiduciary advisor like us.


For more information on how to choose a financial advisor see: “What Every Investor Should Know” and “Cutting Through the Confusion”.

What’s a fiduciary?

A fiduciary has the highest ethical obligation to put your interests ahead of their compensation and any other consideration. Worldview is a fiduciary – this is fundamental and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What type of reports will I receive and how often?

You will receive monthly statements, trade confirmations, and year-end tax reports as well as complete online access to your investment accounts directly from your independent custodian. Additionally, you will receive a detailed quarterly report from Worldview that includes account statements, a performance report and a portfolio update.

How do you interact with my other advisors?

One benefit of our role as your fiduciary is that we are free to work cooperatively with your trusted professional advisors, including your tax professional, attorney, or any other advisor. We can also refer you to a competent professional should you need one.

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