International 401(k) Rollover

Introducing Worldview’s unique International 401(k) Rollover – designed for people who live outside of the U.S.

Have you left an old 401(k) or IRA in the U.S.?

Those assets represent an important and valuable element of your global retirement plan. Take control of these accounts by rolling them into our “International 401(k)”. With it, you maintain all of the tax-deferred benefits of a 401(k) or IRA, while positioning your assets to match your worldwide retirement future.


Key features

  • Designed for anyone located abroad with assets in the U.S. – American citizens or legal residents, as well as foreign citizens (Non-Resident Aliens) – our progam works for you!
  • Simplifying your U.S.-based assets and better position them for a global retirement
  • Our “International 401(k)” was specifically designed for the tax and investment needs of cross border families like you
  • Seamless administration for people living abroad. Many U.S. banks will no longer deal with people living abroad. We can.
  • Receive a free retirement assessment with a cross border focus – let us be your partner


If you’ve been searching for someone who can help with your U.S. accounts, you’ve found them.


Learn how to roll over your 401(k) while living internationally by following these 4 easy steps.