Bonnie Suveerachaimontian

Bonnie Suveerachaimontian
Wealth Advisor

What I enjoy most about my work with clients?


What I enjoy about my role now is being able to work with clients to see different perspectives and alternative choices. As the world becomes more flat, these choices are expanding in ways I never before imagined. The traditional routes of learning and living are less relevant as our world becomes more connected through technology. The time is now for being able to plan for living and working from multiple countries. As the world becomes smaller, so too does the bridge the wealth creator needs to travel, from starting out to middle class, to financial independence. The ultimate goal is a life of greater fulfillment and purpose.


I love when I can create that space where clients believe – and know – that anything is possible. It is the immigrants’ spirit and belief that the grass is greener on the other side. The true courage is being able to live from a space of possibility, and not from a “traditional” mindset that may no longer apply in this day and age. Everyone deserves a financial planner, no matter how much money you have in the bank. Sometimes it is just about providing people with the resources and the basics to be able to migrate through life with the determination for more. I believe you can build your finances around your life and your values, rather than have your finances dictate how to build or live your life. This empowerment for clients propels me forward.


How do I spend my time away from Worldview?


Cooking is a big part of my life and afterhours you will find me at Siam Lotus Thai Cuisine, my family’s restaurant in San Francisco. I enjoy experimenting with different flavors and presentations of baked goods, always practicing to perfect the technique of making French macarons. If not in a kitchen, you will find me either exploring a new part of the world through travel or soaking up the best of what California has to offer: great food, sunshine, wine country and the beach!


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