What We Do

The world is getting smaller. Families can span the globe and stay connected thanks to incredible technology. However, an international lifestyle brings with it the significant financial complexities of having cross-border assets and income. And as globalization expands, the need for solutions to these financial labyrinths is ever present.

Enter Worldview.

Comprehensive financial planning is the crux of what we provide. Our zest for managing intricacies is seen in everything we do. No detail is too small and no financial situation is too complex.

We specialize in serving cross-border families.

With our boutique, individualized approach, we take time to understand you as a person, first. Because families with more global lifestyles need more than planning and retirement solutions, your needs are infinitely more complex. That is why, when appropriate, we’ll assemble a team of professionals specific to our client’s individual situation.

We’ll act as your co-pilot to develop a long-term financial plan, manage investments, optimize tax planning, ease banking and account administration, and navigate regulations and reporting, rationalize real estate holdings, and maximize employment benefits. All the while, we remain conscious of the relationship between the U.S. and any other country where our clients have connections.

And when we say any other country – we mean it. Our clients are located all over the world.

We’ll be by your side for every critical financial decision, wherever you are, allowing you to focus on your global life and career. Your personal situation is special and requires a dedicated team of financial experts to ensure it is well looked-after.


Cross-Border Financial Planning

Cross-Border families have complex financial affairs with unique tax and regulatory procedures. We will work with you to identify your financial questions and goals, and provide valuable guidance to help you make confident decisions and avoid costly mistakes.   Key planning areas of our Cross-Border Financial Plan™:
  • International taxation
  • Allocation of retirement investment assets
  • International real estate holdings
  • Global banking and currency management
  • International estate and inheritance planning
  • International real estate holdings
  • Worldwide pensions and social security

  Key retirement planning areas:
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Real estate investments
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Asset protection and insurance
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Charitable giving

Real Estate Advice

You view real estate as an important element of your long-term retirement plan. You also recognize that owning real estate is an effective way to accumulate wealth over a lifetime while protecting against inflation. You may own multiple properties, including a personal residence, additional single family homes (which are usually held as rentals) or perhaps you own commercial property. We have experience advising families in all of these areas and will focus on maximizing your real property assets for after-tax return and wealth creation.  

A Typical Allocation of Assets for our Clients


Real Estate Investments


Tax Planning and Optimization

For successful cross-border families, tax planning is critical. And understanding how taxes will apply to each element of what you own, or what income is due to you, can make a tremendous difference in the efficiency of your wealth management plan.   It’s important for cross-border families to understand how any pension and social security income will be taxed and how to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The same applies to investment income, interest income, dividends, and appreciation (realized capital gains). Administration is also important, as drawing from multiple sources in different countries can become quite complicated and expensive, if the tax effect is not considered.   While we at Worldview do not prepare tax returns, we do provide forward looking tax planning and optimization for our clients. We find efficiencies and save our clients from worries they should never have to experience. And when we see problems with your existing tax reporting, we have a team of partners to recommend to get things done right.  
  Choose a portfolio strategy that is right for you
  Growth Strategies
  A Worldwide Approach
  Geographic Distribution

Investment Portfolios

We manage diversified investment portfolios with a goal to grow wealth while managing overall risk. Our investment strategies are designed for globally oriented professionals and families as a single destination for old 401(k)s, IRAs and other after-tax investment accounts.


Our investment process seeks the highest total return over time through low-cost and tax efficient exposure to the worldwide investment universe. Client portfolios are invested primarily in exchange traded funds (ETFs), which contain stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities, and in certain cases we’ll utilize individual stocks and bonds as well. All portfolios all customized to your unique goals and risk tolerance.