Working with Worldview

Our focus is on serving your best interests

We believe that clients benefit from personalized planning designed to help you achieve your goals. Retirement planning is a dynamic process that requires a comprehensive understanding of your goals, concerns and unique circumstances.


How we work

Every client situation is unique, and so is each engagement here at Worldview. Most clients consider our team as their wealth manager, which we define as offering a personalized financial planning relationship along with investment management services and first-class service to help get things done.


We view financial planning and holistic advice as the most important element of our service. Many new clients begin working with us through a financial planning consultation built around their own needs and goals. This process sets the agenda for saving, investing, and other financial actions needed.


Our initial engagement usually leads to a more comprehensive relationship where we assist you with the management of your investments, or you may decide to continue with an ongoing planning relationship.



Clients pay for our services through one of two ways. We either charge a quarterly planning retainer or an asset-based fee as a percentage of the investments we manage on your behalf.


Our quarterly financial planning engagements are billed using a retainer-based structure, which lasts for as long as you feel necessary, although there is a two-quarter minimum engagement for new planning clients. For these we charge a quarterly fee which is based on your situation and complexity, your income and overall net worth, and the estimated time required to complete our comprehensive review.


When a client decides to entrust us with managing their investments along with wealth planning, the asset-based advisory fees will supersede the financial planning retainer; they are not in addition. Our investment management clients typically have portfolios of at least $2 million, however in some circumstances we may work with clients who are not quite there yet.


Expectations and outcomes

Many of our clients have struggled to find an advisor with the knowledge and experience to help them make smarter decisions. We take our role in your life very seriously, and we work hard to add value and are always focused on your best interests. Our goal is that after working with us, you can honestly say the following:


  • I feel better organized and prepared for the future.
  • I am in more control of my own financial life.
  • I have an established roadmap of actionable steps in key areas of financial management specific to me.
  • I have peace of mind knowing that I’ve invested time and energy to improve my financial situation.
  • I have a long-term partner who understands me, is focused on my best interests, and who I can rely on to add value.


You’ve come this far and made a big step toward improving your financial situation; we invite you to contact us and let’s find some time to get to know each other a little better.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!